Benefits of eating basil leaves daily

Famed all over the world as a culinary herb to kick up flavour, texture and aroma, not only is basil a truly versatile herb that complements almost any dish, but its health benefits are many, and we’re going to tell you 6 reasons why this plant should be growing in your herb garden.

1 Heart health: Rich in antioxidants, basil doesn’t only protect against free radical damage but also inhibits these harmful substances from oxidizing cholesterol in the blood. Loaded with magnesium, this boosts the bloods circulation, relaxes blood vessels and muscles, and reduces risks of heart spasm. 

2 Skin and hair health: Essential oils from this herb can make your hair healthier and your skin more supple. It’s an organic moisturizer that removes skin dryness as well as resolving skin problems like acne, eczema, rashes and more. For hair that’s lost its lustre and looks dull, it adds shine and bounce.

3 Cancer prevention: Antioxidants in basil protect the body from cellular damage caused by free radicals and can help fight various forms of cancer. 

4 Your immune system: Basil is an immune function enhancer. Consuming fresh basil can give your immune system a boost, helping you fight infection more efficiently. Also effective for cold and flu. 

5 Liver health: Basil can contribute to a healthy liver function by removing toxins in the blood, improving metabolic breakdown and fighting various types of liver ailments. 

6 Diabetes: If you suffer from diabetes, you’ll be happy to know that basil leaf extract can lower your blood sugar level. And these are only a fewof the health benefits of basil!

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