Health Benefits of Garlic & Honey

Hi Guys, Welcome to my blog. In this article i will teach you, How to increase the power of immunity from small children to adults with the 2 items in our house today.

Those two things are garlic and honey. There are several benefits to consuming garlic and honey on a daily basis. Most people do not like to eat garlic. But let's look at some of the benefits of taking garlic and honey together. It's prevents heart related diseases.

It also lowers cholesterol and improves blood circulation to the heart. Reduces sore throat and sore throat infection. It also reduces toothache. Improves the digestive system by flushing out bad bacteria and bad impurities in the stomach. 

Taking this mixture will prevent fungal infections on the skin. It also protects the liver. In young children, however, it also prevents colds and phlegm. It also greatly reduces diabetes. That is why it is used in Ayurvedic. Also we provide it from small children i.e. newborns it is through the mother. These garlic nutrients are passed from breast milk to young children.

So, when did they realize the benefits of taking a mixture of garlic and honey, let's see when and how to make it? Take some garlic. It should be neat without this peel. This is how to look neat without any peeling.

Let's cut it neatly. Cutting it into small pieces like this makes it easy for us or the kids to eat. Take a glass bottle rather than plastic. It is better to take a glass bottle instead of plastic. Now put the chopped garlic pieces in a glass bottle.

Do not get wet, honey will spoil quickly if wet.. Have we put the garlic pieces in a bottle like this, now we will mix honey to it. Open the honey bottle Pour in the garlic until it is completely submerged. It should be kept intact for days a week.

It should be taken on an empty stomach. This is how it happens after a week. This is complete after soaking for a week. It should be taken by everyone at the rate of one tablespoon every day. our children are very fond of us in our home.

So, you too should try it all in your home. Increase your immunity power. Bye.

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