This is The Coldest Star in The Universe ! - Space & Astronomy

Image Credit: Penn State University/NASA/JPL-Caltech

On august 25 2014 a team of astronomers discovered a coldest star in the universe. Seven light-years away there is a star. Which is so cold that if you stand on its surface you will die of hypothermia just within a few minutes. This star was discovered in 2014 and its name is WISE J0855-0714.

 Now that's a weird name so let's just call it the coldest star. According to the data which was collected by the astronomers coming from this star. They discovered that its mass is roughly three to ten times the mass of Jupiter and this mass lies within the range of a sub-brown dwarf star.

 Now a sub-brown dwarf is basically a star whose mass is not enough to cause a thermonuclear fusion at the center of the star. So since there is no thermonuclear reaction going on at the center of this star its temperature its surface temperature is so low it's about negative 33 degrees Celsius. Just for the reference the surface temperature of our Sun is about 5,500 degree Celsius.

 So that's all we know about the coldest star in the universe. and I hope that you learn something new today. don't forget to bookmark my blog and I'll see you in the next post. Thanks for Reading This Post.

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