Benefits of doing exercise daily

Hi Guys, I'm going to talk about 'The Benefits of Exercise' why should you even bother working out? so stay tuned. First of all, just so you know, no matter your age or shape. you should exercise regularly. According to National Health Service, NHS exercising regularly can actually reduce the risk of major illnesses like Type-2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even lower the risk of death by up to 30%. Can you imagine that? Cool right? 

So basically, you stand the chance of having longevity - that's longer life...who wouldn't want that? Working out can help you maintain a healthy body. It helps detoxify the body giving you good skin, it tones the body helping you burn stored fat. But normal body weight differs from person to person, you know, depending on factors like BMI and...unto my favorite bit. 

The third reason why you should exercise Exercise makes you stronger! So as you get older It makes the muscles, the bones and the joints actually stay strong. It helps older people to be independent so even if you are not old now remember eventually you will grow old, right? 

I mean, that's what we all want So what you do now would affect you later in the long run So by exercising now you stand a chance of being strong as you get older There's a saying that if you want to have more energy and add more years to your life Just exercise Now this bit, I am a testimony of it.

The fourth reason why you should exercise Exercise improves your mood. I am always in a good mood I think Ok, if you've ever caught me in a bad mood let me know in the comment section. But I am always in a good mood exercise actually improves your mood So what happens really is that there are endorphins which are hormones that we released by the brain when you exercise.

And these hormones give you that pleasant feeling and actually make you feel happy so, they induce that sense of well-being. If you have low levels of endorphins it can actually be associated to depression So more exercise, more endorphins and then we are happy and health. According to a National Health and Nutrition survey, physically active people are less likely to depressed. Exercising reduces stress hormones, makes you have a pleasant sleep.

Now unto our fifth reason why you should workout Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight. Physical exercise burns more calories, helps you lose excess weight and it can actually be used to gain weight as well, just have a healthy balanced diet alongside your exercise. 

For me maintaining a healthy weight actually works because I'm someone who has a large appetite. Sometimes I could have a large appetite like I could eat a mountain but I'm not really bothered about the outcome or the result, or the consequences of eating a lot because I feel like I always have exercise to, you know, burn off the excess calories and just maintain that healthy weight I actually found out that the benefits of exercise diminish after about two weeks of no physical activity.

Two weeks after a person stops exercising, the long-term benefits disappear, so don't drop the ball just keep moving. So dear fitness freaks I hope you've learned some great benefits of exercise and just know that it doesn't have to be a structured exercise Just get moving and enjoy a happier healthy life.

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