What Existed Before The Big Bang?

Only it was believed that we live in a static universe means our universe has existed forever and it will exist forever, There was no beginning and there will be no end. But in 1920s Edwin Hubble came and he discovered that all the other galaxies are moving away from us and the farther they are faster they are moving away and this discovery became the main foundation for the Big Bang Theory means if this point in time all the matters is moving away from each other.

Then at one point if we go backwards in time then at one point all of it should have existed at a singularity and according to Big Bang Theory, the singularity exploded and our universe was formed. Now the question is that if our universe came into existence after the Big Bang after the explosion.

So what existed before the Big Bang whenever Albert Einstein was first asked this question he said that asking what existed before the Big Bang is just like asking where is the north of North.

So what he actually meant by that let's find out. According to the Big Bang Theory time and space came into existence after the Big Bang before the Big Bang the time itself didn't existed it was zero, and it started with the explosion, and the question what existed before the time before here is bounded by time that is how we differentiate past from present while looking at the different time frames, and since time did it existed before the Big Bang.

So our question what existed before the Big Bang is simply a meaningless question in the language of science. so I hope now you know it. thanks for for reading.

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