Why Your Head is Older Than Your Feet?


Do you know that time runs slower for your feet? Compared to your head and this effect is called gravitational time dilation. Now, Why is that let's find out. According to Albert Einstein's theory of relativity time slows down when you are near an object with a strong gravitational field.

The gravitational field or gravity of any object depends upon its mass, and as we all know Earth has more mass compared to the moon which means that time will run slower on the earth compared to the moon.

Now, Let's get back to the main question. Why your head is older than your feet, and the answer is that as we move away from the surface of Earth the strength of Earth's gravitational field vehicles.

Which means the strength of gravitational field is more at your feet compared to your head. As a result time runs slower for your feet compared to your head, But if you are concerned about your head being older than your feet. You can do this for 12 hours every day . 

I hope you learned something new today, and I will see you in the next post. Bye

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