New Upcoming Games Like Age of Empires

Hi, My name is Mamun and this time I’ve made you a short list about upcoming strategy games similar to Age of Empires. Let’s start begin.


This is a Norse city builder game with nice management mechanics and multiple progression trees where you maintain and expand your settlement. As you launch exploration parties on foot and by boats you will not only discover resources you can exploit but also draw the attention of the enemies who seek to destroy you. This is a really bloody RTS game where you have a chance to chop your enemies like butter or hide like a coward behind huge wooden walls and towers filled with archers so you could fill  attacking enemies with your stingy arrows. 

Or if you lack arrows you can safely swear at  them and call the attackers and their mamas fat. To prove yourself an Earl worthy of  songs and sagas, you will build and expand a Viking village from nothing to a rich, unconquerable settlement. Or very conquerable and puny and you will have to load a game and play again but this time without stupid decisions. Here you can forage, hunt, fish, grow your food, and keep your clan safe as the seasons pass. Also seek the blessings of ancient shrines and build temples to win the favor of Asgard and all the Ass... gardians. 


Although the game is in early access right now and you can buy and play it on Steam, the full version of a game will be released only someday in the year 2023. So what is Becastled? I played the game for a few hours and I was really impressed by the graphics, mechanics and the lightness of the game in general. And I do not mean the storage space it takes, which is also ridiculous for a modern game - 1 Gigabyte of free space that’s all  it takes to squeeze Becastled to your harddrive. But by saying light I mean that it is easy to understand and easy to play. 

This is a game that doesn’t contain any additional stuff that distracts you from the gameplay itself. Many developers forget the main thing of  gaming - keep it simple, keep it fun. Take it from vodka makers for example - original  flavour always sells best. Imagine if your vodka would also be a mayonnaise at the same time. You don’t want that. Or maybe you do, maybe you even eat steak with ketchup or drink vodka with coca cola. Blasphemy Blasphemy Blasphemy! Nowadays you often install the  game and there is a ton of stuff  thrown to your face at once and you have to  play an hour of tutorial to understand at least something. But not in Becastled. This is a simple, nice and beautiful title, keep an eye on it. 

Farthest Frontier 

There is no video material of this game, only a few screenshots are available, so I would  usually ignore such titles in my top videos, but this time it is different, because I accidentally saw who the developer of Farthest Frontier is. And that is Crate Entertainment well known for its hit game Grim Dawn. Oh yeah, I have your attention now, do I? So here you will protect and guide your people as you forge a town from untamed wilderness at the edge of the known world. 

Harvest raw materials, hunt, fish and farm to make the best potato salad with the best doctor’s sausage available! Or merely sustain your advancing town. Produce craft items for villagers to trade, consume, equip and fight with as you battle for your survival  against the elements of outside threats. These guard towers are here for a reason. I will  keep an eye on this game and when there will be a trailer or more news, you will be the first to  know. Although you would need to subscribe to my channel for that. You get various benefits  for doing that as well - you’ll start to know everything about your favourite games, you will stop getting bald and your hair will grow back. Or not. No promises, just hope. 

Manor Lords 

This is a real time strategy game which aims to provide a gridless, organic city-building experience with full freedom of placement and rotation. Game’s building mechanic is based on the growth of real medieval towns and villages, where major trade routes and landscape often influenced how the settlement was shaped and developed. While the game is not set in a particular century, every building is inspired by historical references from mainly the Middle  Ages of Europe. Yeah, we had a pretty awesome architecture back then. Also we burned witches  and thought that the Sun was rotating around the Earth. An entire continent of dimwits. 

In Manor Lords fields must be plowed, iron bloomed and the sheep herded on the open  pastures governed by the Lord of the Manor. I guess it’s you. So, you will have to manage all  that well-being and prosperity wisely otherwise   your people will be doomed and will die horribly  as they do in every other game you touch. Game also aims to portray battles that feel real, with large scale unit formations, morale, flanking, fatigue, weather and equipment. In example your villagers can form a militia, like in Age of Empires or Warcraft 3, an inexperienced  crowd of dum-dums that can fend away some crippled wolf or a wandering pedofile away from town. That’s it, thank you for reading this article. Bye.

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