How is ZERO SHADOW possible?

Hey, Welcome to my blog. I'm Mamun Today, we are going to discuss about having ZERO SHADOW By the name we can understand that zero shadow means having NO SHADOW But the question here is.... can i have no shadow?

Can we have No Shadow? 

Of course, when you are in a dark room you don't have a shadow But when you are focused with some light, Can you have no shadow? The answer is YES You can have no shadow when you are on the sub solar point The sub solar point is the region where the sun rays fall on an object or on you perpendicularly The Sun is perceived to be directly overhead. 

This happens twice a year and those days are called zero shadow days you know that the earth is revolving around the Sun and the earth is also rotating around itself So, during a zero shadow day when you are standing in a beach You rotate with the Earth. 

So for you the subsolar point appears to move in the west direction On this day things are seen on the road without a shadow and they actually look like graphics in an old video game In Hawaii, the zero shadow day is celebrated as Lahaina noon In Honolulu, Isamu Noguchi built a sculpture called SKY GATE When sun rays fall on this sculpture it forms a twisted shadow but during Lahaina noon this sculpture forms a Circular shadow As always.

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