How to write a good handwriting ?

Hello Everyone! Welcome Back to another article. Today, I'll share some tips with you that can be useful if you want to improve your handwriting. I used these tips to improve my handwriting over the past couple of years.

Know Your Style

So, the first thing would be to analyze your own handwriting by looking over it. Go through old notes, old written work of yours And figure out what you like And what you don't like. It may be possible that you might want to change the way you made your letters or alphabets. For example, In my older handwriting, my letters used to be very wide. So, I made sure to try not to do that anymore. Therefore, while going through your handwriting, ask yourself these two questions: What I like and What I don't like? 

Find Inspiration

Further on, you would actually want to look for some inspiration to improve your handwriting. The studygram or Pinterest community can offer wonderful inspiration sources. I'll also link some studygrams in the description box for you all to check out. So that you can see how and why their handwriting seems more appealing than yours. 

Choose Your Tool

The next tip would be to ask yourself that "Which tool suits you the most?" It's important to choose a comfortable tool as it has a great effect on your handwriting. A comfortable tool results in a very efficient handwriting. So, think over it Would you choose a fineliner? A gel pen? A ballpoint pen? Or, perhaps a pencil? 

Practice Writing in Air

The next tip might sound a bit weird But it can be helpful. Writing sentences or words in air, using your finger, forces you to use the muscle groups in your arm and shoulder that help to improve your handwriting and keep it from looking messy or cramped. So, it is a way to practice the way you make your letters. 


Adding to this, doodling various kinds of slants, zig-zags, plus signs, and shapes of "O"s can prove to be a simple yet efficient way to practice making writing movements without having to construct precise letters. 

Practice Writing

Last, but not the least, practice A LOT. If you want to REALLY improve your handwriting, you should practice often. Practice writing the letters in the lowercase and uppercase. You can even lookup to directional charts. Then, practice writing words, sentences, and gradually move onto paragraphs. I suppose you can see the difference between my older and new handwriting...and it's all because of practice!

So, I hope that these simple tips can help you improve your handwriting! Thank you for reading! Take Care!! BYE!

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