What is the difference between SSD and HDD?

Hi guys. Today, I'm going to discuss about the differences between HDD and SSD that's Hard Disk Drive versus Solid-State Drive. Firstly let's know.


As the name suggests its main component is a Disk This disk is made up of ferromagnetic material by which your hard disk can be magnetically charged This hard disk has millions or even billions of magnetic regions which can be charged positively or even negatively And here the positively charged region represents One (1) and while the negatively charged region represents a zero(0) when you store something like a picture in your computer The disk starts rotating and the arm will write the charge of each magnetic region forming a binary code and will save the binary code Thus, storing the data.

How solid state drive (SSD) Works:

SSDs are smaller in size comparing to a hard disk and they have millions of transistors in them and every transistor is not the same Some transistors can conduct electricity while other transistors cannot conduct electricity The conducting transistor represents one While the non-conducting transistor represents a zero The memory controller module in the SSD reads that binary information and sends to the computer This process makes SSDs work so much faster than HDDs i.e. by not using a mechanical arm So SSDs work a lot faster than HDDs and that's why for gaming purposes SSDs are more reliable than HDDs Even in the context of damage resistance.......

SSDs are more reliable because it has no moving parts like HDDs have Some people argue that HDDs have more life span as SSDs cannot resist many writes Their argument is wrong because the manufacturers said that If you use a SSD like the same way you use a HDD chances are SSD will last longer SSDs also produce very less heat comparing to a HDD and they also consume less energy than the HDD On average, Samsung SSD consumes 60 percent less energy comparing to a HDD So there are so many advantages with SSDs than HDDs But the main disadvantage with SSDs and the advantage with HDDs is their STORAGE capacities Because the money you spend to buy a 128 GB SSD may give you a 2 TB spaced HDD That's a very big difference.

This difference turns our eyes to hard disk But SSDs are much faster Then what to buy ? For opening a picture, super fastness isn't that necessary But if you are using a software like Maya or After Effects, 'SPEED is important' For storing in large amounts of data storage space is important So buying the drive depends on how you are gonna use it.

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