What is the best way to cut an onion without crying?

Hi, I'm Mamun and in today's article, I'm gonna tell you how to chop an onion without crying. Basically it's really, super easy. And the cool thing about this trick is it actually prevents anyone who's in the room who cries from onions from crying.

So let's get to it, okay? So to cut and onion without crying, the first thing we're gonna is we're actually gonna put it in the freezer. By putting it in the freezer, the cold temperature will actually prevent those gases that make you cry from emitting when you're chopping it. So just put it there for about 30 minutes and take it out. And now we're ready to slice our onion.

Okay, so now we're just gonna go ahead and chop into our onion. Remember, you don't wanna put it in the freezer for too long because then, it will be all mushy and gross. So the reason that the freezing method works is when you chop into an onion, or when you cut into an onion, these individual walls that you see here break down. And the softer that the onion is, the more they crush and that causes the gases that are inside this part right here to come up and interact with your eye.

But if you freeze it, then those gases aren't as aromatic and won't like, you know, fly up into your eyes as much. So that's what's happening. That's how you chop an onion without crying. Just put it in the freezer for 30 minutes first. That's it, that's all you have to do. Super easy, super simple.

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