How to reduce belly fat at home? Tips & Trick For Lose Weight

Any overweight person or just anyone who wants to have a flat tight belly would like to see their body shape become perfect without any effort. There is no surprise, that the request "How to rid of belly fat?"  gets over two million views per month on Google. This is a very hot and popular topic. Wide waist means you have too much visceral fat. This fat is formed around internal organs such as the liver and pancreas.

Health problems caused by belly fat

Excess belly fat is usually associated with a number of serious health problems, such as: 

• problems with the heart and blood circulation 

• high blood pressure 

• insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes 

• bowel cancer 

• sleep apnea

Visceral fat may form around the internal organs of any person, so it's important to make some lifestyle changes to keep your body healthy and lean. They say weight gain is a normal part of aging, isn’t it? As we age, the body needs fewer and fewer calories for proper functioning. Changes in hormonal levels during aging mean that the person begins to lose muscle mass and gain visceral fat, which makes it difficult to maintain normal weight. Of cause, you cannot avoid aging when it comes to weight control, but some other factors can be controlled. These include your lifestyle and habits (especially ones associated with diet), as well as the frequency of your physical activity. 

Top 3 foods to burn belly fat

So here are TOP-3 foods, the use of which even in minimal quantities will help you quickly burn excess fat! 

Dress vegetable salads with a mixture of vegetable oil and apple cider vinegar for belly fat loss

Most salad dressings are terrifyingly high in calories; while dressing vegetables with the apple cider vinegar mixture can help you lose weight. After consuming one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day for eight weeks, the study participants who were diagnosed with obesity became leaner and lost more visceral fat than those who did not consume vinegar. How does it work? According to Japanese researchers, malic acid produces special proteins in the body that burn fat. Add some vinegar to your salad with olive oil and spices and you`ll get a delicious and healthy meal. 

Eat mustard for belly fat loss

According to researchers at Oxford Brookes University, consuming 1 teaspoon of mustard that, by the way, contains only 5 calories) can accelerate metabolism by 25 percent within a few hours. Add mustard to boiled chicken breast sandwiches or fish fillets before baking and you will lose weight while eating delicious food! 

Ginger for belly fat loss

Drink at least 4 cups of ginger tea or water a day and belly fat will go away on its own within 14 days! Ginger has been used in Asia for several centuries as a cure for various diseases, and we just use it as a spice. What a waste of properties! But now you know that this tea can help you lose weight, and quite quickly. It is better not to add honey, sugar or syrups to your tea; to bring better taste, you can use lemon, mint or lemon balm. This drink has no contraindications. It improves metabolism in the body and burns subcutaneous fat quickly! 

How to understand that you need to lose weight?

Regardless of your height or body mass index, you should think about losing weight if: 

• You are a man and your waistline is wider than 94 cm; 

• you are a woman with a waistline of 80 cm or more.  

The risk of serious health issues will increase significantly if the waist exceeds 102 cm in men, or 88 cm in women. If you belong to this category, than you should contact a therapist or a nutritionist who will help you develop an individual plan for proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle. If you want to get rid of belly fat, you need to burn more calories (energy) than you get with food, and you`ll will have to give up junk food. 

What i should eat for belly fat loss?

• Try to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day and include more high-fiber foods in your meals. 

• Eat more fish, eggs, beans, and other legumes. 

• Eat less butter. 

• Drink six to eight glasses of water every day. 

• Do not add salt or sugar to food. Of cause, you should avoid any sugar-sweetened drinks, and other foods high in sugar. Keep in mind that low fat foods can contain a lot of added sugar. 

Protein gain is an extremely important part of weight loss, because it gives the feeling of fullness that carbohydrates and fats do not. Therefore, if you include a consistent source of protein in your diet, such as chicken breast, you may find that you feel less hungry between meals. Make sure you have protein foods in every meal. These are chicken breast, tuna, mackerel, salmon, eggs, milk, red lentils, chickpeas, black bread, nuts and soy. 

Remember that the serving of protein product should be of size of your palm. Choose foods that are high in protein and at the same time low in fat, as some protein sources are be high in saturated fat. We've covered the general guidelines, but now let's find out what are the most effective ways to burn body fat. There are plenty of myths and misinformation, and in fact, if you search for “how to make the belly flat” on the Internet, you will get over 13 million results, each consisting of a number of tips. We have prepared the most complete guide for those who want to achieve the flat belly of their dreams. 

15 tips and you will learn how to lose belly fat faster! 

1. Avoid stress. Even if you eat well and exercise every day, stress can disrupt your stomach. Why? Stress increases the level of cortisol, the hormone that increases appetite and fat accumulation. Research has shown that black tea normalizes cortisol levels, thus helping you lose weight.

2. Check your posture. Good posture can help you become slimmer in seconds. Moreover, it strengthens the abdominal muscles. Try not to slouch whether you are sitting, standing, or walking. 

3. Get up early in the morning. According to the researchers, those who sleep a lot and get up late consume 248 more calories, half less fruits and vegetables, and twice more fast food per day than those who wake up earlier. 

4. Choose a variety of foods. Cut back on vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts, which cause bloating, and add more bowel motility-improving foods to your diet. For example, melon is a diuretic that fights water retention, while pineapples and grapefruit contain enzymes that aid digestion and break down proteins that cause bloating. 

5. Stop buying chewing gum. Chewing gum not only makes you swallow air that causes flatulence, it also contains sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol and xylitol, which cause the rise of blood sugar level. Avoid chewing gum completely or use organic chewing sulfur instead. 

6. Have a breakfast later. Instead of eating every time your stomach starts to rumble, try to have breakfast at 10 – 11 am. According to cellular metabolism research, this tactic can boost the body's ability to burn fat for energy without even cutting on calories! 

7 Eat more arginine. Arginine is an amino acid, found in walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, brown rice and chicken, and it is a natural remedy for losing extra pounds! A 2014 study published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements found that consuming 9 grams of arginine daily can help lose belly fat and weight in obese people. 

8 Eat more beans. Beans and other legumes are not only rich in fiber, but also are a good source of resistant starch, which helps the body use additional energy to digest food. Some studies have shown that resistant starch promotes fat oxidation and so increases the body`s ability to burn calories by up to 24 percent throughout the day! Other research notes that this type of starch also reduces long-term fat storage. Don't like beans? Cook pasta or buckwheat, then refrigerate and eat cold. When you cool the foods, resistant starch forms in their chemical structure. 

9 Get used to eating hot chili pepper. You may have already heard that capsaicin – the compound that gives chili pepper its burning taste – increases energy expenditure and fat oxidation, but recent research has shown that even bell peppers have similar effects. To boost your metabolism, add chopped peppers to omelets, sandwiches, salads, and side dishes. 

10. Listen to groovy music during aerobic exercise. It was found in a study, that music with strong rhythm helped participants exercise 15% longer and stay in good mood during the workout – even when they were completely exhausted. Listen to fast BPM songs and you will unconsciously try to keep up with the tempo, so your body will move a little faster. 

11. Strength training before cardio workout. Loading your biceps, triceps, and quads before going to treadmill will make your abs tense. Since the purpose of strength training is to tire you out, your cardio workout will be even more effective and challenging. Resistance exercises are a great way to help you maintain muscle mass and glucose metabolism (the way your body processes sugar and uses it for energy), which are important elements of weight control. Resistance trainings have also been shown to eliminate fat in the belly area. 

12. Eat from small plates. Small servings will help you consume less unnecessary calories. This is a great tactic for long-term success in weight loss and achieving flat belly. 

13. Eat dark chocolate. Great news for those who love this bitter treat! It is not only rich in antioxidants that help in the treatment of many diseases, but also makes you eat less during your next meal. It contains compounds that slow down the digestion, and so help you feel full longer. 

14. Buy oranges more often. In an Australian study evaluating 38 popular foods, researchers found that oranges ranked higher than all other fruits due to their high fiber and water content. Also, the smell of oranges reduces anxiety. And what does it have to do with flat belly? When a person is anxious, they are more likely to want to eat something; and the smell of orange can prevent stress-induced unhealthy dietary addictions that make you feel hungry all the time. 

15. Take Small Snacks.  A quick snack between meals can help prevent drops in blood sugar level that make you feel like you can eat the whole cake on your own. Bananas will be a great choice as they prevent bloating and go well with peanut butter. Hard-boiled eggs contain nutrients that boost metabolism and prevent the formation of belly fat. 

What Exercise is the Best for weight loss?

Any form of exercise done for at least 30 minutes a day will work great. Take every opportunity to work out: at home, on vacation or with your friends. Think about cycling on weekends or getting off the bus one or two stops before your destination. These small changes in your lifestyle may be a great step towards slim waist. So, reduce your food servings, avoid sweets and alcohol, follow the recommended exercise guidelines, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to do strength training at least twice a week. Perhaps you need to do more exercises and workouts to lose weight quickly or to achieve other fitness goals.

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