Top 10 People With The Longest Body Parts in The World

Have you ever felt insecure about having an abnormally long tongue, or big ears? Humans  come in all different shapes and sizes, but as beauty trends change, what was once beautiful, now isn’t. The fact is from short to tall, extremely thin to fat, we’re  all still just as human as the next person and should be treated no differently. That being said, there are certainly some people who have more prominent features than we’ve ever seen that are worth mentioning. Today we’re going to be traveling around the globe checking out  the 10 people with the longest body parts.

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Who has the longest Legs?

10. Longest Legs Being a tall girl is hard enough as it is, but  Macy Kurin, a 6’10” young girl from Austin, Texas, isn’t smashing records with her height. Rather,  her legs are what are drawing crowds. While she’s definitely turning heads by having reached 6’9” at  just 16, it’s her incredibly long legs that have people baffled. In fact, her hips are basically  at her mom’s shoulder height. With legs like that, she’s ready to step right into modeling.  Something tells me her problem finding the right size clothing will suddenly be a thing of the past when designers would kill to dress her.

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Who has the longest Fingernails?

9. Longest Fingernails Ever thought to yourself, wow, getting a manicure sure is expensive. Yea, me either. But imagine  having the longest fingernails in the world. While I’m pretty sure Shridhar Chillal isn’t booking too many nail salon appointments, he did pay quite the toll for  having the world’s longest nails, measuring 30 ft long. Up until 2018, when he had  the nails cut off, he had grown the nails on his left hand to this incredible length. The downside? Well, basically everything, but especially the fact that his fingers became disfigured due to the excessive amount of weight they had to carry, which eventually caused nerve damage that claimed  his hearing in his left ear. Chillal lives on, and his nails are on display at Ripley's  Believe It or Not! museum in New York City. 

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Who has the longest Mustache?

8. Longest Mustache Now, this is one I can get behind! All of the great men had staches.. Albert Einstein, Wilford  Brimley, Colonel Sanders... that last guy being no relation to myself, despite what some people might  tell you in the comment section. But what if you saw someone sporting a 14-foot dirt squirrel? That’s right, Ram Singh Chauhan, an Indian man, holds the world’s longest-and probably heaviest - mustache. Men in America will be struggling to keep facial hair for “No Shave November” while Ram Singh Chauhan watches from India, laughing.. and probably sweating a bit since he's living in a  desert and all. He’s been growing his whiskers for 32 years and spends two hours a day grooming it.  And why wouldn’t he? It’s the moneymaker! He takes photos with tourists to make a living, wrapping  it in Princess Leia-like rolls on his cheeks. 

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Who has the longest Hair?

7. Longest Hair  Xie Qiuping  stopped cutting her hair at age 13, and it  would only take her 30 years to break the Guinness Record for the longest hair in recorded history. Her locks measured 18 feet 5.5 inches or 5.62 meters. When they asked her about  how bothersome it is to have hair that long, she replied simply that she was used to it and it just required patience and a good posture to hold up the weight. 

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Who has the longest Mustache?

6. The Longest Feet No, this isn’t the knockoff version of the  football movie. Jason Rodriguez Hernandez is a Venezuelan man who holds the world  record for the longest feet in the world. Of course, he’s got the height to match, but shockingly isn’t the tallest man in the world. He’s 7’2 or 218 cm. His feet on the other hand - or should I say on the other foot? They’re quite large. Jason Orland broke the record  with his 15 inch, or 40.1 cm feet. Oddly enough, his left foot is a whole 1/2 cm shorter, at  39.6cm. After winning the Guinness Record, he won an all-expense-paid trip to Germany, where he was treated to custom made shoes (and where I imagine  he got a free ski trip thrown in, minus the ski rental … since he had his own built-in models!). 

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Who has the longest Tongue?

5. Longest Tongue Is it any surprise that the longest tongue out there belongs to a  YouTuber? You know, all the yapping we do.. Yea, that joke was a bombshell from the start. Anyways, Chanel Tapper is a California YouTuber with a tongue the length of  an iPhone! At almost 4 inches, 3.8 to be exact, she broke the record in 2010 at 21 years old  after what I imagine was a childhood full of people asking her to show how long her tongue was. Maybe she can make a living with her tongue doing something else other than being a YouTuber. You know, like... Nevermind, not going there. 

Who has the longest Toes?

4. The Longest Toes Would you rather have fingers as long as  your toes or toes as long as your fingers? That question seems like all fun and games in  the times of playground “would you rathers", but for a woman in Taiwan, this is real  life. Her toes are the longest in the world,  nearly as long as human fingers. When seen in a  photo on their own, it takes your brain a moment to figure out what exactly it is that you're  looking at. Why is this girl’s hand so weird?  I wonder how she reveals it to new friends  and romantic partners. (Show Shallow Hal in the long toe scene.)

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Who has the longest Eyelashes?

3. Longest Eyelashes Probably the most impressive - and for many women, enviable - record to break on this list. Until you see just how long they are. You see, Jianxia, from Shanghai, China, has the longest eyelashes in the world. She was born with an interesting set of genes, giving her eyelashes that look like hair from her head and not actually on her face. The hair is so long there’s no curling it, it’s just straight and long, falling over her cheeks like streaks of mascara after a good cry. They measure in at almost 5 inches and go down to her chin!

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Who has the longest Ear Hair?

2. Longest Ear Hair Anthony Victor, an Indian headmaster, was known at his school for being the ear-haired teacher. Surely, he brushed this off for years, until he realized he could actually break the world record! The hair comes from the center of his outer ears (not from the inside like mine! Ahem, disregard that last statement) and measures 7 inches or 17.75cm! The previous record-holder, also an Indian man, had ear hair that was 2 inches shorter, so he pretty much won hands down. 


Who has the longest Neck?

1. Longest Neck According to the world record charts, the maximum known extension of a human neck is 40 cm, or 15.75 inches, though the internet is a bit  vague on the identity of this person. Created by the successive fitting of copper coils, this sign of beauty is practiced by the women of the Padaung or Kareni tribe of Myanmar. Normally, their necks will only reach about 1/2 that length before becoming so weak that they cannot support their heads without the coils. In some tribes, the coils are removed to punish women who have committed adultery, and legend says that the rings protect women from the tiger that killed an ancient princess. The practice can be fatal if the coils are removed, therefore has been discouraged in modern times. Though, sadly, recent high tourist demand has somewhat revived this dangerous practice, with some girls being initiated as early as five years old.

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