How to Make a Eggless Vanilla Cupcake? Cupcake recipe 2021

I'm super excited to be starting the year by sharing my go-to recipe for whenever I want something simple and sweet. We're making Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes today. Let's get started.

INGREDIENTS (Makes 6 cupcakes) 

• 3/4 cups (90g) maida. 

• 1/2 tsp (2g) baking powder.

• 1/2 cup (142g) yogurt.

• 1/4 tsp (1.5g) baking soda.

• 6tbsp (75g) castor sugar.

• 1/4 cup (60ml) vegetable oil.

• 1 tsp (6ml) Vanilla Extract.

Cupcake recipe

The first thing that you need to make these cupcakes is 1/2 cup of yoghurt. You could use homemade dahi like I'm using right now. Or use Greek yoghurt or store-bought curd. Into this, I'm adding baking soda. As you all know, baking soda is a leavening agent which is alkaline or basic in nature and needs an acidic ingredient like curd to react with. So, once we mix the curd and the baking soda together and let it sit for a couple of minutes you'll see that the yoghurt becomes super bubbly and foamy. This is exactly what we're looking for and now we can set this aside. Now, in a separate bowl let's start combining the superfine sugar with vegetable oil. Using my whisk, I'm going to mix this for a couple of minutes so that I'm able to incorporate as much air into my batter as possible. 

I wouldn't recommend using butter for this recipe but you could use any neutral-tasting and smelling oil like the sunflower oil that I'm using today. And once we see that the sugar granules start melting into the oil slightly I can go ahead and add in the yoghurt that we had set aside earlier along with some vanilla extract and then give it a good mix. The mixture looks nice and smooth and I can now start sifting in my dry ingredients. So, I'm using a large sieve and in goes all-purpose flour which is maida and baking powder. Sifting your dry ingredients whenever you're making an eggless recipe helps make it more airy. Now, using a spatula I'll gently fold the dry mix in and mix only until I don't see any large flour-pockets in my batter. At this stage, a lot of people end up overmixing which result in dense and rubbery cupcakes. 

So, the batter is ready. At this stage, you could add in chopped strawberries, crushed walnuts dried cranberries or anything that you like. I'm going to keep it plain and simple today. And using an ice cream scoop, I'll scoop it into my cupcake liners filling upto 2/3rd of it. This recipe makes about 6 cupcakes You could also use it to make a 6-inch round cake. You could double this recipe to make a bigger batch or 12 cupcakes. And now these go into my preheated oven at 180° C for about 20-25 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. The cupcakes have baked beautifully. 

They feel super fluffy and have a nice golden colour on top. I'll be decorating the cupcakes with chocolate ganache. I've done an entire video on chocolate ganache and how you can make it at home. I'll leave the link to that in the caption below so, do check it out. Trust me, this recipe is a keeper and there's so much that you can do with it. So, I hope it finds a permanent place in your kitchens and your recipe notebooks. And I'll see you guys next week with another recipe until then, happy baking and take care! :)

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