How to make your teeth white fast ?

Laughing is so important for health, maybe we do not have to tell you this thing. But when teeth are dirty, we can not swan openly and use many types of chemical toothpaste to remove the blackness of teeth. These chemicals weaken the roots of teeth. But you do not have to worry anymore because if you or someone of your knowledge has become black or yellow teeth due to gutkha or cigarette intake. So you can clean your teeth with a simple home remediation in just 1 minute. 

Let's learn how it can be made or used. Take a look at what you will need for this. 

Number one:- baking soda - half a teaspoon or a bit (It is also called a cooking soda.) 

Number two:- Lemon - You need a half lemon. 

Number Three:- Green Coconut Water - a bit (to rinse the mouth). 

Method of use Firstly, you have to brush your teeth. Which you do regularly. Now take a little baking soda in your hands. Remember, cleanse hands properly before taking soda in your hands. Now, two or four drops of lemon are to be mixed in less than half a teaspoon of baking soda. Now mix it well and make a cream. Then massage your teeth with this cream properly. Wash your teeth with coconut water immediately after massage. 

By doing this 1 minute remedy, the blackness of your teeth will be removed in a few days. You have to do this procedure for 15 consecutive days in the morning and evening. And remember, during this process you do not have to eat any gutka, cigarette or pan masala. Then see that your teeth will become white.

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