What happens if we do not sleep for 11 days? - Amazing Facts


In 1964 to high-school students named Bruce and Randy Gardner decided to break the world record for his thing away the longest time. Randy Gardner decided to stay awake while Bruce took care of him surprisingly. Randy Gardner managed to stay awake for more than 11 days and 25 minutes that is about 264 hours.

Every single day an average person sleeps for about seven to eight hours and that makes up to 24 to 25 years of our entire life sleeping. So the question is what will happen to your body? what will happen to your mind and how will you actually feel. if you decided to stay away for the longer period of time.

Let's find out the first 24 hours of not sleeping will go normal your body will feel tired you would want to go to sleep. After the first 24 or something really weird will happen and that is you will feel happy, you will feel more happier than normal and that is because since you haven't slept for 24 hours your brain will start releasing more dopamine and make you feel better. 

After the 24 hours of not sleeping it will starts getting really bad your immune response and your judgment will become impaired your memory will begin to become and your reaction we'll increase. You will have less energy and it's just like a condition of getting highly drunk and your parents will probably think that you have been thinking for a long time.

After three days of not sleeping things will start to get really bad. you will get hallucinations and you will see things that aren't actually there. you won't be able to talk normally and you won't be able to communicate in a natural way with your family and that is because after three days of not sleeping some parts of your brain will they start to get shut down. after one week of not sleeping this is when the zombie period starts you will literally become a living zombie though you won't bite anyone or maybe you will but you will act like a zombie.

You will lose your ability to feel things by touch which means that if you will trust someone you won't actually feel it. and at this point your brain will stop saving the memories means that after this long period of not sleeping when you sleep and become normal after few days you wouldn't remember anything. 

Some scientists around the world say that the maximum number of time you can stay awake is about 11 days and if you try to stay awake for more than eleven days your brain will shut down itself and it will forcefully make you sleep. so it's definitely not a good idea to stay awake for a long period of time. and if you are a child of a small age it is highly recommended that you sleep seven to nine hours every day and if you are an adult you should sleep at least six hours every single day. so I hope that you learned something new today. don't forget to bookmark my blog. Thanks for stay with me.

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