Best Free Games for Android & iOS 2021

Hello Guys, Mamun Today i'll share with you Best Free Games for Android & iOS. So let's start begin.

Hockey All Stars

A pro yet casual hockey experience by distinctive games. Create a Hockey franchise, build a team of all Star players and compete with the best teams from around the world to rise through the leagues and claim the silverware.

Rival Stars Horse racing

A horse racing sport by PIKPOK studio. Feel the thrill through motion-captured animations, cinematic races, and intense race commentary. Every horse is unique, featuring detailed appearances, characteristics, pedigree histories, and stats.

Mad cars

A racing thriller by Tapmen studio. Steer a bunch of cars on a highway without rules. Dodge rocks, pipes, holes in the road. It has plenty of handcrafted levels, multiple environments to discover.

FIE Swordplay

The first mobile game with real athletic rules for fencing with foils, swords, and sabers officially supported by the FIE. Fine-tune your weapons and equip your character with gear. Fight your way from novice athlete to Olympic champion.

Soul Knight

How can we complete a list without thrashing some alien-heads? No, At least not this time. Chillyroom studio presents a heck of enjoyment where you smash the aliens in the multiplayer mode in a randomly generated dungeon world.

Xtreme Motorbikes 

A realistic motorbike simulator by MehdiRabiee. Drive more than 20 powerful and exciting, highly detailed sports motorbikes. Customize your motorbikes with exclusive paint jobs and rims. Drift slow motion with an upgradable turbocharger, gearbox, and tire sounds.

Code Racer

A coding-based racing game by Hondune studio. Code your vehicle with a series of commands to complete various courses, tasks, stunts, and races. Program your way through over 100 exciting levels.

Real Drift World

A drifting adventure by Process games. It has features like a car painting system, the ability to walk outside the car, a lifelike phone system, 5 Different Maps for Drift, 3 different modes in a single game.

Slash & Girl

An endless platform runner by Redfish Games with fresh, punchy graphics that keep you entertained. A maniac girl Doris slashes the jokers in her way and jubilantly runs across for her pleasure and happiness.

Crazy Defense Heroes

A beautifully designed tower defense strategy from animoca brands. You'll just think about raiding and getting to those quests. It's really addictive with those constantly appealing missions and a competitive player base.

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